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Affinity Proptech is constructing solar roofs for a decade. Solar energy is now the most adaptable and dependable source of renewable energy available to us. As solar costs continue to fall, the process of installing a rooftop solar power system is complicated as many get no answer on how to begin, or whom to contact to build the solar roof. But now Affinity Proptech will reach out to you to buy the best Solar panels. We can't deny that global warming is a significant challenge to the world, affecting the global environment, and as a result, the world as a whole is racing to make renewable technology prevalent. According to a census report, the "Government of India has determined that by 2030, 40 percent of power will be generated by renewables." Renewable energy has a low to no carbon footprint, which is critical for protecting our environment.

Things to focus on while installing a Solar rooftop :

  • The condition of the rooftop

  • If the rooftop needs any repair the owner should fix it before installing Solar panels

  • It should be facing the south, to capture more and more Sunlight during day time

  • The Solar panel shouldn't be blocked by trees or any object

  • The shadow test must be done.

The best part of solar panels is the lifespan and reusable quality of Solar Panels. It can be used for more than 25 years and the panels can be restored again, after the lifespan of the the solar panel is over.

Benefits of Solar Roof :

  • Lower your electricity Bill

  • The solar roof is very suitable for Indian environment

  • You don't have to keep extra space for solar roof